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Photo credit: ADK/Ben Brosseau

About the Study

For the last ten years, visitation to the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Park Forest Preserve has been on an upward trend, culminating in 2020 with a record-setting year in many locations. The compounding effects of parking shortages, unsafe conditions along busy state highways, crowded trails, summits and other points of interest, impacts to water quality, and physical degradation of trails and other facilities has led DEC to begin conducting this VUM planning process.

Several people resting or walking atop the rocky mountain summit. A sign warning people to avoid the revegetation area is in the foreground. Photo source: ADK/Seth Jones

Photo credit: ADK/Seth Jones


Support NYSDEC to conduct a visitor use management planning process, with a focus on experiential, social, and public safety elements of visitor use management and visitor capacities, to promote sustainable visitor use.

Process Map

Text-based Schedule/Process Map

  • Spring 2023: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Summer 2023: Public Meeting #1, Data Collection
  • Fall/Winter 2023: Data Analysis
  • Spring 2024: Public Meeting #2
  • Summer 2024: Public Comment on Draft Report
  • Fall 2024: Final Report and Monitoring Plan

Study Team

The project team is led by Otak, who is a national leader in visitor use management and visitor capacities. Otak is supported by Ruby Mountain Consulting, providing expertise in the Interagency Visitor Use Management Framework, as well as Ross Strategic, providing expert stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution services, as well as VHB, providing public involvement interfaces and comment analysis.

Otak   VHB   Ross   Ruby Mountain Consulting

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