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Photo credit: Otak/Sage Richards


Keep an eye on this page for the periodic uploading of documents that have been prepared to either inform the visitor use management study or to summarize public and stakeholder input received during the planning process.

Background/Historical Reports

High Peaks Advisory Group Final Report - 2021 (PDF, 2.5MB)
Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan - 2019 (PDF, 8.0MB)
High Peaks Wilderness 2018 UMP Amendment - 2018 (PDF, 7.2MB)
High Peaks Wilderness Unit Management Plan (UMP) - 1999 (PDF, 4.0MB)

Meeting Documents

Stakeholder Working Group Meeting - October 4, 2023

SWG Meeting Synthesis - October 4, 2023 (PDF, 5.0MB) NEW

Stakeholder and Public Participation Plan - August 29, 2023

Stakeholder and Public Participation Plan - Final (PDF, 0.5MB)

Public Meeting - May 9, 2023

Meeting Press Release - 5/9/23
Meeting Agenda - 5/9/23 (PDF, 0.2MB)
Meeting Boards - 5/9/23 (PDF, 11.6MB)
Meeting Presentation - 5/9/23 (PDF, 4.0MB)
Meeting Synthesis - 5/9/23 (PDF, 7.4MB)

Stakeholder Conversation - March 30, 2023

Stakeholder Conversation - 3/30/23 (PDF, 2.0MB)

Draft/Final VUM Plan

Documents to be posted

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